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Spring Release sun iconAnnouncing the Sparkcentral Summer 2015 Release. Learn More.

Let’s reimagine the customer experience

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Engage at every customer touchpoint

Get to know your customers across integrated CX touchpoints while creating, delivering and indexing events across the customer lifecycle.

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Respond and resolve issues faster

Advanced automation technology routes conversations to the right agents at the right time, allowing you to focus on what really matters - delighting your customers.

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Delight and increase lifetime value

Proactively engage your customers by capturing uniquely personal engagements and resolve issues before they escalate.

Sparkcentral is excited to announce that Marc Medrano has joined us as VP of Global Enterprise Sales!

As Sparkcentral continues to gain traction in the enterprise space, Marc’s appointment is an important step towards scaling the organization and developing an even greater client base to join the likes of T­-Mobile, Uber, Netflix and Delta Airlines.


Sparkcentral Summer 2015 Release

Streamlining Instagram into Social Media Customer Support

The Sparkcentral Summer ‘15 release includes enhanced UI design and workflow to support multimedia and Instagram integration, providing a unified customer service experience for high volume, service-first enterprises. Sparkcentral delivers an out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade, contact center management for Instagram. With Instagram support, users now have the ability to weave Instagram into the social media customer support process using a powerful, secure, channel-agnostic platform. Customer support will be even more effective by enabling support through a unified platform and consolidating channels for engagement across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Multi-thread support

Sparkcentral’s UI is designed around multi-thread management. This is where the magic happens. Imagine multiple, unrelated individual customer conversations occurring concurrently and all of those conversations still appearing in a single unified customer profile. It allows agents to see all previous and ongoing conversations, making for an efficient and streamlined process. Agents can view all of the information they need to solve an issue quickly and keep the customer happy and feeling like their time is valued.

Media Support

Embedded context will enable agents to view images and videos directly from the Sparkcentral UI so agents do not have to exist the application to gain context of the original post. This deviates from the competition which may link out to a image or video using a URL, or in some cases not support video at all.

“It’s not so much the problems that we can see, it’s the problems that we can’t see and what’s vitally important is to have a partner that can help us resolve those problems.”

Mark Davis, Vice President, Customer Service Operations

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Mark Davis, T-Mobile

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Sparkcentral Launches Instagram Support in Summer ‘15 Edition

Sparkcentral today announced the Summer ‘15 release of its real-time customer engagement platform. This summer release includes enhanced UI design and workflow to support multimedia and Instagram integration, providing a unified customer service experience for high volume, service-first enterprises.

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