Argenta Bank has teamed up with Sparkcentral to give its customers a “human-first” conversational banking experience within its mobile banking app. The European bank is headquartered in Belgium with offices in Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Its 1.72 million customers can now access Argenta’s services and customer support center via a new form of chat embedded in their phones: asynchronous messaging. This not only gives them the convenience of secure, personalized customer service support from trained Argenta staff members, but also real-time suggestions and updates.

Customer service communications are available as continuous threads that provide ongoing, undisrupted conversations, just like WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, and other modern messaging apps. Argenta opted for this innovative approach, rather than an automated chatbot service, due to the level of personalized service that live agents can deliver by using Sparkcentral’s Automated Messaging Distribution (AMD) platform and Smooch’s messaging APIs. The asynchronous nature of messaging allows for improved agent productivity and efficiency, which helps contain cost.

The move is in keeping with Argenta’s corporate focus on mobile and messaging as the front lines of communication inside and outside its offices. For its customers’ sake, the company wants to be at the forefront of the mobile messaging revolution that will soon dominate global interactions in the private, public and corporate sphere — if Millennials have anything to say about their preferred mode of communication…

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