Social Customer Service

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Engage with your customers on social channels. Resolve social customer service issues fast and reliably. Move public comments effortlessly to direct messaging channels without losing context.

What is Social Media Customer Service?

Social Media Customer Service is the practice of providing customer service on social media apps such as Twitter or Facebook. Social channels are an ideal fit for quickly answering common customer questions, while more complex issues can be escalated for a response on the social channel or another channel. Customer service is the most common use case for consumer engagement with a brand.

67% of consumers have used a company’s social media site for service, compared with 33% for social marketing. Therefore enterprises today need to not just engage but be able to fully resolve customer support issues on social media.

Sparkcentral’s social care platform enables enterprises to provide customer care to the customers reaching out to them via tweets or private messages on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Providing great customer service on social media platforms allows you to meet your customers’ needs and drive customer loyalty.

Why social care needs to be an equal pillar of your customer service strategy

Companies with a social media customer service program in place:

  • Decrease customer support costs by 21.5% year-over-year
  • Better customer experience through 2.4x improvement in first contact resolution rates
  • 20 points average increase in customer satisfaction scores

Aberdeen Research found out that by giving social consumers the option to get their questions answered through private messaging helps brands realize 2.5x greater annual improvement in conversion rates.

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How to engage with customers over social channels with Sparkcentral

Create raving fans…

Social Customer Care done right results in meaningful conversations, effortless service and real increases in loyalty.

Make it easy

Sparkcentral connects with your CRM like Salesforce to give agents a complete view of the customer and their conversation history — so they never have to repeat themselves. It also embeds a knowledge base for fast and consistent responses to frequently asked questions.

Make it Personal

Agents are automatically assigned ownership of conversations they’ve previously replied to. Same-agent routing ensures that new messages from the same customer are automatically routed back to the previous agent if on duty, or the general queue.

Make it flexible

Unlike traditional customer service channels, Sparkcentral Social Customer Care is powered by asynchronous messaging. This means customers can control the pace of the conversation — picking up right where they left off at anytime without the interaction “timing out” or losing context.

…and hyper-productive agents

Many Social Channels, One Queue

Agent productivity is a Sparkcentral brand promise. Agents using the Sparkcentral Agent Desktop serve more customers while feeling less overwhelmed. Agents are served messages from all social channels in a single queue. Customers can also build automation to make sure agents works on the messages important to the business before other messages.

Workflow Optimized for Social Care

Agents have one common experience to respond to customers coming in from different social networks. Agents have access to all the features (Like, Hide, Retweet) which they need to respond effectively while maintaining your brand voice. Our solution doesn’t treat public and private channels differently: Public posts on your Facebook page can be gracefully moved to Facebook Messenger and public tweets to Twitter DMs, all while being handled by the same agent.

Brand Monitoring

Apart from responding to the customers reaching out to you, you can also do social listening to find conversations relevant to your business. Consumers don’t just mention your brand online, they also tend to use hashtags and @mentions. Deliver a great customer service experience by providing proactive care — especially to negative comments — from your social media accounts. It also significantly reduces your response times and will delight your customers.

Chatbots that Support Live Agents

Chatbots power self-service in the digital customer service world. Sparkcentral lets chatbots augment human productivity, not replace it. The Sparkcentral Virtual Agent Framework considers chatbots “digital employees”, collaborating with your live agents. Chatbots can engage new customers and respond to existing customers in a timely manner, reducing response times and driving resolution without involving agents.

Get the analytics you need to deliver great social customer service

Moving from social listening to customer support requires new metrics.

With Sparkcentral, you can track KPIs that have traditionally been applied only in the contact center: average handling time, first response rates, time-to-resolution, etc. 



From dashboards to reports to business intelligence: all digital metrics in one place.

Advanced social customer service reporting and analytics functionality helps brands understand and act on customer and team data in real-time and historically.


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Make the case for investing in customer service on social and messaging apps: A guide on why to do it, what you need to be successful, and how to measure ROI.

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It’s easy to get started with Social Customer Care

Whether you are currently using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram natively, or are using a social listening tool: Deploying customer service on social channels does not require a rip-and-replace of your existing investments. We have the right tools and the know-how to help you deliver an effective social customer service strategy. We get customers launched within days of their signing up. All you have to do is Request a demo!

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