Making Customer Service Effortless and Digital

# A century of expertise

ENGIE Electrabel is a subsidiary of the international, publicly traded ENGIE Group which provides energy and energy services across the world

engie founded in 1905
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ENGIE Electrabel and Sparkcentral are proud to work together to better engage and serve ENGIE’s millions of customers across digital channels like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, it’s mobile app, it’s website and more. By leveraging digital customer service within the commodities industry, where deregulation is creating more competition for customer loyalty, ENGIE Electrabel aims to differentiate based on providing low effort customer service across their customers’ preferred channels.

“Customer service quality has always been a key differentiator for ENGIE Electrabel on the Belgian market. Social media and mobile messaging is rarely fully leveraged in the utilities industry, so we have the opportunity to truly differentiate in offering a higher level of customer service and delight our customers.” – Annick Rossey, Chief Marketing & Sales officer, ENGIE

Sparkcentral understands our needs and we share the same vision of messaging-based customer service propelling communication between customers and service providers today and into the future. In this way, we will be able to enhance our relationship with new and existing customers through more personalized, streamlined communication.

Jan De Smet, Head of Customer Service & Operations for B2C & B2B

Jan De Smet
Head of Customer Service & Operations for B2C & B2B, ENGIE Electrabel

Companies using messaging achieve nearly 3x greater customer satisfaction and lower the customer effort required for service by 111%