Financial Services

Financial institutions must deliver a level of service that boosts loyalty without increasing costs.

Choice in Service


of tech-savvy consumers believe they are more likely to switch providers than 10 years ago.

This is according to Accenture, who coined the term “switching economy.” To address this trend, banks and insurances have to add value across the entire customer journey – from anticipating customers’ needs with proactive notifications to providing answers to questions when, where, and how customers choose.

Staying Accessible

Deliver the experience customers want, on the channels they love.

The big win is that customers today expect to receive support and securely conduct transactions on their mobile devices through low-cost messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, but also a more modern form of Live Chat.

It pays to be proactive

With so many options for consumers, banks and insurance providers have to add value or lose customers. Financial organizations must anticipate customer needs with proactive notifications including balance alerts, transaction confirmations, fraud alerts, loan or claim status updates, payment reminders, and so much more.

More about proactive notifications

Security in Messaging

How financial service companies can offer secure messaging

“Recognizing that messaging use is on the upswing […], banks and financial services companies are taking secure messaging seriously. […] we’re seeing a pronounced shift in their security and fraud departments from “No way! No how!” to “Here’s how […]”

~Dan Miller, Opus Research

Use cases for messaging in banks and insurances

Messaging channels let you take client engagement to a much cheaper and convenient channel than traditional voice,  email, or chat.

  • Balance inquiries
    Through a quick message, vs. a lengthy phone call or web session
  • Secure transactions
    By moving account-related conversations from messaging to secure in-app live chat
  • Proactive notifications and alerts
    For account updates, fraud alerts, appointment reminders, and more
  • Loan or credit application status updates
    Educate your clients about what it means if a credit application was rejected – let them ask questions right in the channel
  • Surveys
    Let customers answer surveys at their pace, on the channel of their choice
  • … and much more


What our customers are saying


    GM Mass Retail, KBC Bank & Insurance

    “Our customers make enthusiastic use of the opportunity to message with KBC via WhatsApp and appreciate the fact that we help and speak to them through their favorite channel. To now scale and offer WhatsApp Business to all our customers, we are pleased to work with Sparkcentral and their enterprise messaging customer service platform.”


    CIDO Argenta Bank

    “Effectively, we’ve embedded a personal teller experience inside every one of our customers’ mobile phones. We have invested heavily in our digital platforms over the past year as we see significant value in these channels to deliver excellent customer experiences going forward. Part of our innovation strategy is in selecting leading technology partners such as Sparkcentral, able to expertly assist us in delivering seamless and personalized customer experiences at scale.”

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Messaging for Customer Care in Financial Services

Learn what you need to know to transform the digital customer experience, boost loyalty and control costs. Presented by Sparkcentral. Featuring Forrester Senior Analyst, Aurelie L’Hostis.

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