Retail and eCommerce

Shoppers are increasingly turning to messaging channels to communicate with brands.

Elevating the Retail Customer Experience with Messaging

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These social shoppers have high expectations for online customer care and the ramifications of not meeting those expectations is huge. Retailers must incorporate social media and messaging apps into their customer service strategy.

It lets you deliver excellent support wherever the customer is shopping, without forcing them to switch channels. Make it fast, personal and effortless and win customers for life.

Messaging drives conversion

Aberdeen Research: Giving social consumers the option to get their questions answered through private messaging helps brands realize 2.5x greater annual improvement in conversion rates.

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Functionality for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Asynchronous messaging
… means customers won’t wait for agents or get “timed out”

Rich media
… lets agents (and customers) share images, bills, videos, use emojis, and more

Easy enterprise integration
… into your CRM, order management, and other backend systems ensures a complete view of the customer to deliver better, more personal service

No rip-and-replace
… means that our digital customer service solution can live side-by-side with your voice and email contact center solution

Turn your traditional web chat into Modern Live Chat

Forrester Research found that 55% of people abandon their online purchase if they can not find quick answers to questions. Modern Live Chat allows you to quickly address product or checkout questions from your website or mobile app.

Unlike traditional live chat “pop up windows”, customers don’t have to wait for agents or worry about restarts if they navigate away from the page, switch devices, or need to continue later. Abandoned cart rates are reduced with proactive assistance before shoppers ask for help.

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Social Customer Service

Failing to respond to customers on digital channels can lead to a 15% increase in churn rate, according to Gartner Research.

Customers are increasingly turning to social media to ask product questions, seek help and provide feedback. Sparkcentral enables customer service across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with all interactions coming into a unified queue that is easy for agents to manage.

The ROI of Transforming Social Customer Care with Private Messaging

Use cases for retailers

Messaging channels let you accomplish a variety of customer service tasks:

  • Product questions
    Quick answers in real time to reduce abandoned carts
  • Inventory availability
    Instant product status for customers who want it now
  • Shipment tracking
    Know where your order is every step of the way
  • Returns processing
    Interactive customer support promises fewer returns and great customer satisfaction on returns
  • Surveys
    Let customers answer surveys at their pace, on the channel of their choice
  • … and much more

Business value propositions

What will the introduction of messaging customer service do for your business?

Streamline Customer Service

Streamline the customer experience by meeting shoppers where they are, on the channels they love.

Increase Sales

Increase sales by offering convenient service.

Reduce servicing cost

Reduce servicing costs by using less expensive channels.

Drive loyalty

Drive loyalty by delivering personalized, effortless service.

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