Service Providers

Ever-shrinking margins require new solutions for customer service.

Provide 24/7 service quickly and reliably, let your customers respond at their pace

Service Providers such as utilities, telcos, cable operators, or internet providers must quickly respond to service requests — from establishing new service, to troubleshooting problems, to billing issues.

By adding new digital channels to the customer service mix, you can reduce hold times, speed up resolution and better utilize your agents.

Functionality for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Asynchronous messaging
… means customers won’t wait for agents or get “timed out”

Rich media
… lets agents (and customers) share images, bills, videos, use emojis, and more

Easy enterprise integration
… into CRM and other backend systems ensures a complete view of the client to deliver better, more personal service

No rip-and-replace
… means that our digital customer service solution can live side-by-side with your voice and email contact center solution

Modern Live Chat

Turn your traditional web chat into Modern Live Chat, powered by Asynchronous Messaging

Modern Live Chat enables you to proactively offer assistance and quickly address customer questions right from your website or mobile app. Reduce calls coming into your call center and provide a level of service that builds loyalty.

Unlike traditional live chat “pop up windows”, customers don’t have to wait for an agent or worry about having to start over if they navigate away from the page, switch devices or need to continue later.

Agents also have the ability to send and receive files such as statements or bills or images to help with troubleshooting.

Social Customer Service

Consumers are quick to take to social media when service disruptions occur.

Proactively communicating status updates during widespread outages prevents frustration and reduce inbound inquiries.

Customers will also turn to your social channels to report one-off issues and seek support. It’s critical that you have a team of customer service agents with the tools needed to efficiently and effectively respond.

Sparkcentral enables social customer service across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with all interactions coming into a universal queue that is easy for agents to manage.

The ROI of Transforming Social Customer Care with Private Messaging

Messaging Customer Service

Sometimes it just takes a message…

…for example, when needing to update your customers about a service outage. Implement Proactive Notifications to prevent that call from coming in.

Let customers send YOU a quick message to update you about a pothole in the road; or an object on your railroad tracks; or an issue with their bill…

Increase revenue by making it simpler to order a sports package add-on to a TV subscription, add roaming to a mobile contract, or move to a higher service tier — it just takes a message on channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS/iMessage!

Use cases for service providers

Messaging channels let you accomplish a variety of customer service tasks:

  • Establishing new service
    Collect necessary information conveniently through a messaging dialog
  • Scheduling and rescheduling repairs
    Optimize your field service by enabling last-minute communication
  • Service add-ons
    Let your customers order add-ons conveniently through a single message
  • Upgrade eligibility
    Checking on eligibility and performing upgrade has never been easier thanks to messaging
  • Billing questions
    Share bills through rich messaging, or allow customers to ask a quick question
  • Surveys
    Let customers answer surveys at their pace, on the channel of their choice
  • … and more

Business value propositions

What will the introduction of messaging customer service do for your business?

Reduce hold times

Especially during spikes due to service disruptions and outages.

Extend customer service hours

To extend customer service hours and provide immediate response to FAQs, deploy virtual agents (chatbots) to collect information, guide customers in making payments, and schedule or reschedule service.

Reduce servicing cost

By actively deflecting calls and moving to less expensive channels

Drive loyalty

Drive loyalty by delivering personalized, effortless service.

Customer Success

Süpersonic Taps Sparkcentral to Provide Super Customer Service on Top Digital Messaging Channels

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