Travel and Hospitality

People love to share their travel experiences — both good and bad. This creates an opportunity for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, resorts and other purveyors of travel services to capitalize on getting customer service right.

Transforming Guest Services with Messaging

Today, “getting it right” includes making it easy and convenient for consumers to get the information and service they need, when they need it. For a growing number of business and casual travelers, Messaging channels like SMS/iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Whatsapp are the preferred channels for communicating with brands.

Travel and hospitality providers benefit from offering fast service to their “on the go” mobile customers — without forcing them to switch channels. The result is a better customer experience, increases in loyalty, and boosts in word-of-mouth referrals.

Functionality for Exceptional Guest Experiences

Asynchronous messaging
… means customers won’t wait for agents or get “timed out”

Rich media
…lets agents (and customers) share images, brochures, videos, use emojis, and more

Easy enterprise integration
…into your CRM, reservation management, and other backend systems ensures a complete view of the customer to deliver better, more personal service

No rip-and-replace
…means that our digital customer service solution can live side-by-side with your voice and email contact center solution

Messaging Customer Service

Sometimes it just takes a message… for example, when needing to update your customers about a change in travel plan

Let customers send YOU a quick message about a need arising during travel, or about an issue with their bill.

Increase revenue by making it simpler to order a room upgrade, book a spa treatment, or move up to business class — it just takes a message on channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS/iMessage!

Modern Live Chat

Turn your traditional web chat into Modern Live Chat, powered by Asynchronous Messaging

When it comes to choosing and booking travel, consumers have an abundance of options. Modern Live Chat enables you to offer assistance and quickly address customer questions right from your website or within your mobile app. Keep consumers on your site… and keep them coming back by offering the best experience possible, through asynchronous messaging.

Unlike traditional live chat “pop up windows”, customers don’t have to wait for an agent before they can send the first message, or worry about having to start over if they navigate away from the page, switch devices or need to continue later.

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Social Customer Service

Failing to respond to customers on digital channels can lead to a 15% increase in churn rate, according to Gartner Research.

Just as quickly as consumers are to share great travel experiences on social media, they are among the most vocal in posting issues, seeking help (often when they are stuck!) and providing their feedback on social media. It’s critical that you have a team of customer service agents with the tools needed to efficiently and effectively respond.

Sparkcentral enables customer service across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and lets you seamlessly move from public to private conversations without losing context – all within one convenient cross-channel universal queue.

Use cases for hotels, airlines, travel agencies

Messaging channels let you accomplish a variety of customer service tasks:

  • Scheduling
    Answer questions about delays or arrivals, or update your guests proactively
  • Booking and Availability
    Take booking requests right within the messaging channel
  • Rebooking assistance
    Make it easier for your guests to rebook their travel by exchanging a few messages
  • Upgrades
    Increase revenue by allowing travelers to upgrade their stays through a simple message
  • Check ins and check outs
    Streamline the check-in and check-out processes through the use of messaging
  • Concierge services
    Offer concierge services on WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, or any other digital messaging channels
  • Surveys
    Collect guest reviews and sentiment conveniently, and at their pace
  • … and more

Business value propositions

What will the introduction of messaging customer service do for your business?

Streamline Customer Service

Streamline the customer experience by meeting travelers where they are, on the channels they love.

Increase Sales

Simply by making your service irresistible.

Reduce servicing cost

By actively deflecting calls and moving to less expensive channels

Drive loyalty

Drive loyalty by delivering personalized, effortless service.

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“When we saw the collaborative workflow in Sparkcentral, it clicked – this software was built for teams like ours.”

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