Digital transformation is empowering businesses to maximize employee productivity while simultaneously reducing the efforts of the customer. A new infographic from Aberdeen and Sparkcentral demonstrates the necessity and benefits of orchestrating these digital experiences to minimize customer effort while maximizing employee productivity. Serving the tech-savvy world of today requires businesses to adeptly manage customer conversations seamlessly across all platforms. These platforms include landing pages, websites, social messaging, mobile apps, product catalogues, surveys and more. As the number of channels increase, customer experience programs become increasingly complex. In fact, 51% of companies use at least 10 channels to serve their customers.


Minimize customer effort

In order to overcome these challenges, brands must leverage these digital channels in an innovative but unified way to differentiate themselves from competitors. Creating a custom and personalized experience across all touchpoints can be a powerful way to deepen brand loyalty. Consumers also value convenience, so by simplifying customer service interactions the consumer’s efforts will be minimized.


Brands getting “digital” right are seeing significant business improvements

Companies that are tackling these challenges head on, take orchestrating digital experiences seriously and are investing in digital customer care are seeing improvements across the board:

  • 43% greater average customer profit margins (year-over-year)
  • 2.7x improved customer effort scores (annual improvement)
  • 3.7x greater customer referrals (year-over-year increase)
  • 3.8x greater customer satisfaction (annual improvement)


What digital-savvy brands are doing differently

According to research from Aberdeen, tech-savvy brands are successfully utilizing a set of building blocks more widely than companies that struggle with meeting the needs of digital-native consumers. Channel preferences, self-service programs, and single-view data insights are building blocks that have been effective for digitally advanced companies:

  • 74% incorporated customer messaging with text messaging and third-party messaging applications within their social customer service programs
  • 92% continuously analyze common service issues to identify opportunities for automation through chatbots. They also integrated self-service with assisted service to ensure seamless customer experiences
  • 84% integrated data captured across all channels to establish a single view of consumer insights

Brands have more options to connect with their customers than ever before. By adopting the activities above, your customer experience will significantly improve, and we’d like to be the ones to help you. Sparkcentral is an enterprise messaging customer service platform company, helping customer-centric brands around the world change the way customer service is delivered. We connect brands with customers through messaging, whether through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) or messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS or modern live chat. Contact us today to learn how to make messaging work for you.

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