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Productive Agents = Happy Customers, and agent productivity is a Sparkcentral brand promise. Agents using the Sparkcentral Agent Desktop serve more customers while feeling less overwhelmed.

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Modern Look & Feel

The tools that your employees use daily should look modern and be familiar. The Conversation Timeline of the Sparkcentral Agent Desktop mimics the modern look & feel of a messaging conversation.

One universal queue for all channels

No more switching tools when switching channels

Customer queries from all channels are shown in one queue — no switching necessary.

Sparkcentral’s Universal Queue bundles all digital channels in one place, vs. having to rely on specialized tools for social, chat, and messaging. Different agent groups can be assigned to different channels.

Full context means faster resolution

Adequately serving a customer requires full context of their issue. The Sparkcentral conversation pane lets you see the full interaction across all live agents and virtual agents (chatbots) – back to the very first message sent.

Complete conversation history

Agents never ask a customer to repeat themselves.

Automatic ownership

Agents are automatically assigned ownership of conversation they’ve replied to. New messages from the same customer are automatically routed back to the same agent.

Re-assign conversations with a click

Agents are able to pass conversations to another agent — even a virtual agent mid-dialogue! — when needed.

Smart Automation and AI

From basic automation rules that provide automatic responses or classify conversations, to full-fledged AI chatbots that use Natural Language Understanding to have conversations with customers — Sparkcentral supports the entire spectrum of AI to make your agents as productive as possible.

Automation for optimal efficiency

Auto-resolve conversations that don’t need an agent response.

Auto-responders to optimally prepare your agents

Respond out of business hours, and configure a flow of initial questions that can even pre-fill your CRM database.

Intelligent Topic and tag automation

Save agents from categorizing conversations manually.

Automatic assignment to avoid conflicts

Automatically push customer conversations to available customer service agents to eliminate confusion and overlap.

Topics based filtering

Agents automatically see conversations on relevant topics in their queue – no need for manual inspection.

Automatic prioritization

Declare customers as VIPs so that their messages are prioritized to top of queue.

Built-in Knowledge Base

Fast answers to frequently asked questions.

Drag and drop

Pull resources from a built-in Knowledge Base into conversation reply box.

Search and find

Search and locate FAQ answers by title/content.

Channel-specific content

Collections show agents only relevant FAQ answers.

Built-in Team Chat

Collaborate without leaving the agent desktop.

Speed up resolution

Enable team experts to weigh in on complex queries.

Information Distribution

Managers can distribute information to entire team without anyone leaving their desks.

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