Reporting and Analytics

Just like with traditional care channels, data insights are critical to providing better customer service across your messaging, chat, and social channels.

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New channels need new metrics. Traditional metrics like hold times do not translate to asynchronous communication, where customers control the pace of the conversation.

Take your contact center metrics to the digital age.

With Sparkcentral, you can track KPIs on your chat, social, and messaging channels that have traditionally been applied only in the contact center, re-defined for measuring the digital dialogue: average handling time, first response rates, time-to-resolution, etc.

Act on alerts and insights for efficient operations

Advanced customer service reporting and analytics functionality helps brands understand and act on customer, channel, and team data in real-time and historically. Get the alerts and insights you need to take action immediately. Plus, easily collect CSAT and other feedback right on social channels.

The Emoji Cloud

A new way to track sentiment — with the ability to analyze both customer and agent use of emojis.

“Emoji clouds are a great visual way to see both customer emotion and agent emotion. We feel like they represent a more ‘realistic’ sentiment than just relying on words alone. We strive for an emotional connection with our customers. So the fact that we can see both customer sentiment and agent sentiment with the ability to drill into a specific emoji or emoji group and analyze what the context of the messages is, is important to us.”

~ Social Media Customer Service Manager at a well-known online retailer

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Three key tools to ensure a productive digital operation

Real-time Dashboard

Provide operational staff with the data needed to quickly adapt to and manage fluctuating volume and performance issues.

Pre-built Reports

Review in-tool or automatically send executives snapshots of the metrics they care most about.

Business Analytics

Give your business analysts the ability to peruse the data to uncover valuable insights and opportunities.

Real-time dashboard

Get insights into trending topics and issues as well as agent availability and other key digital customer service metrics.

Real-time analytics for your team leaders put you in control. Adapt to changing conditions faster, address performance issues early, and increase operational efficiencies.

Use our Reporting API to push metrics to your contact center dashboard.

Built-in reports

Key performance data at your fingertips.

The Sparkcentral Agent Desktop includes built-in reports that are designed to deliver all the major metrics needed to track digital customer service team performance on-the-spot.

Business analytics

Make educated decisions to improve your operation.

To make educated decisions about how to staff your digital customer service operation, what SLAs to apply per channel, or whether to change your business hours, you need deeper insight. Sparkcentral offers 14 reports on the powerful Tableau platform to go even deeper.

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Engage in a digital dialogue with your customers and resolve 100% of their questions and issues fast, securely, without ever overwhelming your agents. When you put Sparkcentral to use you receive more than a proven platform, you also get expert guidance to make your team the most productive it can get!

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