A Sparkcentral talk at the Customer Service Summit: San Diego 2019

Sparkcentral’s CEO Joe Gagnon had the opportunity to speak at The Customer Service Summit: San Diego 2019 about redefining loyalty on the path to extraordinary customer experiences. After traveling the world for the last 25 years, Gagnon has used his observations as knowledge to improve customer service.

Listen to him here:


Gagnon began the presentation by discussing relationships and how they are the most important aspect of our lives. Understanding the psychology of the person is more important than knowledge of the product that you are selling them and encourages a deeper relationship. Understanding people and what motivates them allows for more positive and genuine interactions.

Joe Gagnon has been working for many years on ideas that rethink customer service. Based off of observations and real-life experiences, Gagnon created 3 principles: Convenience, Loyalty, Empowerment. Here are examples for what each can mean:

  • Convenience: 18% of customers are loyal to a quick serve restaurant and the measure of whether they will go 72% of the time is dependent on the length of the drive thru.
  • Loyalty: Boston Red Sox fans stay loyal to their city and team regardless of their location and game statistics.
  • Empowerment: People like to be in control and have power. Utilities like self-checkout and self-serve gas stations empower people to be in charge.

Gagnon challenges all businesses to embrace effortlessness. He gives credit to Uber and its effortless system with payments. Many other businesses are improving their digital experience and are reaping the benefits. Gagnon has seen clients decrease their costs by 33% after moving to messaging.

Sparkcentral focuses on being efficient and effective. Gagnon encourages everyone to challenge themselves and think about what they believe to be extraordinary.

“We know what to do. What are we waiting for?”
~Joe Gagnon

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