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  • Discover how to transform your customer service from tickets to conversations

customer guide

Customer service used to be a one-way street, where people would line up to speak to a customer service representative (who would be with you shortly). Back then, there was was no other choice but to wait on hold, then repeat yourself over and over, through transfer after transfer, or even wait days for an issue to be resolved over email.

Today, customer service has changed entirely. With the rise of digital channels, both mobile, social and messaging, we all now expect customer service to be immediate, painless and on the communication channel of our choice. In fact, customer service is now one of the most strategic ways brands can differentiate themselves from the competition and drive customer loyalty. Price and product matter, but what matters most is making customers feel their needs are being met, with speed and care.

While your marketing team should certainly remain in the social media fray, you have to deploy other troops to counter any concerns, questions or criticism that may be streaming in through the social web.