Download this guide and learn:

  • Evaluate if you are prepared to engage with social customers on their terms
  • Consider a new mindset and understand why social requires companies to embrace transparency
  • Train your agents in “social speak” – talking and commenting appropriately on social
  • Use technology appropriately to handle the volume of social

happy customers

Social and mobile customer service channels have made it easier than ever for brands to reduce servicing costs and increase engagement with customers in a shorter period of time. Rather than answering call after call, social customer service agents can post a quick reply to a customer, resolve their problem almost instantly, and then move on to the next person. In the world of social customer care, agents can often effectively serve multiple customers at the same time.

However, even though social customer care is one of the fastest modes of customer support, a human touch is still necessary in every single customer interaction. Tone, choice of words and the ability to convey empathy in every sentence your agent types is vital. This guide offers insight on how to ensure your agents are delivering on your brand promise of amazing service, while observing the new rules of social customer service.

While your marketing team should certainly remain in the social media fray, you have to deploy other troops to counter any concerns, questions or criticism that may be streaming in through the social web.