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Download this article to learn:

  • How Discover’s social care team has successfully shifted from an all-in-one solution to a dedicated social customer service solution
  • How the needs and goals of marketing and customer service teams differ on social
  • The importance of a choosing the right technology for your social initiatives
  • How a dedicated social customer service solution can enable brands to deliver seamless customer-centric experiences

Deciding whether marketing or customer service should own the responsibility for social customer service technology, and whether a marketing or customer service team should staff it, presents an added level of complication. And getting these two teams to work together effectively on social media—bridging the gap between them to ensure customer engagement—presents a dilemma for many firms. In this whitepaper we share why and how brands can successfully shift to a dedicated social customer service solution to deliver effortless customer experiences.

After adopting a dedicated social customer service solution, the quality of communication between our marketing and customer support teams drastically improved.


Jess Lee, Project Manager, Digital Servicing & Customer Experience at Discover