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  • Maintaining seamless communication across multiple channels
  • Privately and securely engaging with customers in real-time
  • Providing concierge-like customer service right from your mobile app
  • Avoiding channel hopping and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Creating a branded experience with our easily customizable UI/UX
  • Optimizing performance at high volume and large scale

When was the last time you looked at your phone? According to Moment, the average American picks up their phone 43 times in a day, and analytics firm Flurry says Americans spend nearly three hours per day on their mobile devices.

People are obsessed with their phones and brands know that in order to reach customers they need to step up their mobile game. Most brands offer mobile apps but they are missing one key component, in-app messaging for customer service.

Today’s connected customer expects the conversation to be 100% about them and 0% about you.

Jason Falls, Sr. VP, Digital Strategy at Elasticity PR