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  • Break through the noise in order to attract the attention of today’s highly-distracted customer
  • Learn 5 powerful ways companies can differentiate themselves
  • Learn how to “hug your haters” on social media
  • Learn how social customer service offers meaningful customer engagement

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Social media offers enormous opportunities for brands to engage with their customers, but driving meaningful engagement requires a more thoughtful approach, especially in maintaining servicing consistency on new digital channels like Facebook, Twitter and messaging apps. Your customers want their problems solved immediately, on the channel they reach out on and with the same level of service they’d get in-store or by calling in to talk to an agent. Moving from social media engagement to providing true social customer service is a strategic imperative for global brands today, but getting it right is critical. In this report, we’ll look at the top five ways to move from basic engagement to exceptional social customer service.

Whether customers contact us on mobile, social or any other device, we want them to experience the same great customer service they would receive if they walked into one of our stores.