Download this guide and learn:

  • How to measure social data with a coordinated team approach
  • How to use social data to support existing business goals
  • How to separate reactive social monitoring from proactive social intelligence
  • How to set your own benchmarks and measure improvements over time
  • How to prepare for greater scrutiny of social metrics
  • How to find C-suite-appropriate metrics

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Social intelligence has moved beyond vanity metrics. Brands can now derive meaningful business insights from the qualitative and quantitative data gathered from social channels, but in order to do this effectively, they should consider leveraging customer insights or marketing analytics teams to properly benchmark and establish success metrics. As social intelligence continues to mature, B2C marketing teams must get proactive about how they measure social marketing and coordinate reporting practices.

While your marketing team should certainly remain in the social media fray, you have to deploy other troops to counter any concerns, questions or criticism that may be streaming in through the social web.