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When customer support and engagement is executed effectively on social channels, it results in effortless service engagements, increased customer happiness, and inspires lifelong shoppers.


Sparkcentral is proud to present the first social and digital customer engagement playbook for retailers‭. ‬Our retail partners have always played an important role in our vision‭, ‬as the unique blend of engagement and service in that segment of the industry‭ ‬has helped shaped Sparkcentral into the powerful platform that it is today‭. ‬We believe that customer experience and speedy engagement remains an integral part of what makes retailers like Nordstrom‭, ‬Zappos‭, ‬and CVS stand out among the competition‭.‬


Why Offer Digital Customer Service?

The digital age has changed the way brands interact with customers‭. ‬A decade ago‭, ‬shoppers drove to a store‭, ‬relied on a sales representative or their own knowledge to select items for purchase‭, ‬and paid for those items in person by check‭, ‬card‭, ‬or cash‭. ‬Today’s consumer has many more options and the competition for their money is greater than ever‭.‬

The influence of social and mobile has not only impacted how brands advertise to their customers‭, ‬but also how consumers interact with retailers‭. ‬Leading retailers have taken advantage of these new mobile and digital opportunities to positively shape their‭ ‬customer’s experience‭. ‬A large part of this interaction revolves around social media‭ – ‬and social shapes the customer experience for both‭ ‬brick-and-mortar and online retailers‭. ‬Research from the Pew Research Center indicates the likelihood to purchase via a mobile‭ ‬device was nearing 50%‭ ‬as of 2014‭ ‬and that likelihood has continued to grow at increasing rates‭. ‬The adoption of digital interactions between brands and their customers is not limited to shopping and purchasing‭.‬