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  • Hire social customer care agents with the right sets of skills and characteristics
  • Benchmark social agent pay against others in the industry
  • Set up training and guidelines to deliver full resolution service on social
  • Measure agent performance and coach team members to success

setup your social care team


Social customer service agents are the most public facing service teams of a company and, as such, require a special set of capabilities, skills and training in order to be successful. At a high level this includes the ability to write well, be empathetic and resilient, and have a high degree of affinity for the brand and customer service.

As the number of social customer service agent jobs grow, it becomes essential to have a solid recruiting and training process in place that is on par with other roles in the contact center. Given the need for more agents in this specialized field, this guide pulls together best practices from a survey of the social customer service teams of 50 leading brands and provides tips on how best to maximize agent productivity in order to help establish a scalable hiring and training process.

52% of respondents stated ongoing mentoring and training of agents was one of the biggest challenges that faced their social care team.

infographic - hiring a cs agent