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  • How to surmount the daunting challenges Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace
  • How companies like T-Mobile are meeting customer demands head-on with Sparkcentral’s Customer Engagement Platform
  • How Sparkcentral enables CSPs to have one-on-one conversations with their customers on social media in real-time

Social media has empowered consumers to voice their experience with brands, and turn social media into a new customer service channel. More than anything, consumers want the brands they know and love to listen to them, understand their expectations and respond quickly. With rising expectations and consumers demanding a two-way dialogue, enterprises who want to offer superior levels of customer support through these modern channels are challenged with delivering personalized engagement to thousands of people who contact them on a daily basis.

Telecommunications providers face some of the greatest customer inquiry volumes on social media and deal with complex issues like the exchange of personally identifiable information (PII). T-Mobile is one telco leading the way in making social a full-scale, full-resolution customer care channel.

Today’s connected customer expects the conversation to be 100% about them and 0% about you.

Jason Falls, Sr. VP, Digital Strategy at Elasticity PR