Call Deflection

Some customers are still calling you. Show them a better way: tell them they can message you instead.

Save costs in your call center. Make customers happy. As simple as that.

Voice is an expensive channel that too often results in customer frustration. Think about the typical path. A customer calls your contact center, navigates an IVR, waits on hold for an agent, then is asked for the same information they just provided in the IVR.

We can fix that – by being smart about using emerging technologies. 

How Call-to-Messaging Deflection Works

Divert calls into your contact center to lower cost channels that customers already know and love. It’s easy! Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer dials Contact Center for service

  2. IVR greets them with the option to interact using Messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, …)

  3. Customer agrees and is pushed a message on the channel of choice

  4. Customer engages through messaging from now on – and will likely never call you again!

Watch Agent Productivity Soar


Digital agents on the Sparkcentral platform can resolve between 5.7 to 14.5 conversations per hour, which is 25-65% higher than that of voice teams.

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Our agent dashboard is built for agent productivity. Customer queries from all channels are displayed in one universal queue with no tool-switching necessary, and smart automation makes agents more productive.


Built to grow with your message volume, our solution integrates with your enterprise CRM, VoC, and other backend systems.

messaging increases agent productivity

It’s easy to add call-to-messaging deflection with Sparkcentral

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