Analytics Insight magazine recently published a frontpage feature about Sparkcentral and our tireless CEO, Joe Gagnon. The story recalls (no pun intended) how Joe was inspired to update customer service for the better (and, hopefully, for good). It goes on to relate how the company put their combined heads together to improve B2C/C2B interactions for everyone and came up with the concept of an asynchronous messaging system.

The award-winning Automated Messaging Distribution (AMD) platform is a high-volume customer care solution that combines the most popular digital channels in one handy space. In addition to SMS and in-web/in-app chat solutions, AMD supports social media messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Our system increases agent productivity between 25–65 percent and boosts customer advocacy scores by up to 20 points! How’s that for proof that happy employees make happy customers?

No gratuitous self-promotion here. Research besides our own reveals that customer service is becoming more digitized, thanks to the Millennials and Gen-Zers who grew up with the technology that’s transforming the communication industry. Aspect reports that 72 percent of consumers would rather interact with a happy agent, even if it took a bit longer, while our own research reveals that 41 percent of Millennials would be thrilled if they could interact with their favorite companies via messaging or SMS.

Here’s to a future where waiting on hold is a thing of the past!

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