5 Steps to start with Messaging in your Digital Customer Journey

Digital and mobile messaging are taking over 🌎

As most customer experience leaders already know, digital care is the future of customer service. And for good reason! Digital messaging is actively replacing other channels as your customers’ preferred servicing channel. Why wouldn’t they prefer the convenience and personal touch of messaging?

Messaging can also be a great start to connect with your fans early in their customer journey. Think about engaging on Social Media during marketing campaigns. Or helping your prospects making purchase decisions. But it isn’t just your customers you’ll be helping out when offering digital care, you’ll also be safeguarding your brand’s reputation by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Have you yet to start your brand’s digital care journey? While there is a high cost to being a late adopter of messaging, there are also clear steps you can start taking today to get you started in the right direction.

Consider these five steps when planning for your contact center’s digital care journey:

1. Take advice from brands that are already on their messaging journey 🛣

You don’t need to start from ground zero. There are already great brands out there setting strong use cases in messaging. Take a moment to learn from your peers and see what tactics are working for them!

2. Bring in stakeholders from other teams 👥

Creating a seamless digital customer journey through messaging can’t be done alone. The customer service team will need buy-in from multiple departments in order to successfully adapt messaging channels into your plan. Align marketing, sales and customer service in order to connect with your prospects and customers in every step of their journey.

3. Choose your messaging channels 📲

Not every brand or company has the same needs when it comes down to choosing messaging channels. In an ideal situation, you should be available through whatever channel your customer wants to use, and it should all be manageable in your platform. But in a starting phase, it’s sometimes better to start off smaller. For example by starting with one specific channel and moving further in the future.

4. Pick a trusted innovation partner 👫

Find a solution that is built for your team’s needs and that are experts in their field. There are millions of platforms out there, so picking a partner that can guide you long term can be challenging. Consulting Gartner can be helpful, in the ‘2020 Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support Technologies’, they provide you with a list of vendors and some core functionalities a qualitative partner should offer.

5. Define the metrics that matter to your team 📈

From SLAs to agent KPIs, you have to measure your team’s productivity and efficiency. Yet traditional metrics might not apply to your assessment of digital care performance. Just like everything else, your standards for success (and corresponding measurements of it) must be adjusted to suit the nature of messaging.

5. Set your goals 🎯

Once you’re able to determine your team’s performance, set milestones and goals in place with a plan of action. Outside of agent KPIs, where is your focus? Get together with your team and set up SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that will motivate you.

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