Enabling a unified and engaged way of learning through WhatsApp

Aprende Institute is a leading online education platform offering a wide array of online training and courses. Empowering their growing community of 30,000 students to acquire high-demand skills and turn their interests into income – by starting a new business or a new career.

Their biggest challenge was to make digital conversations personal. And they immediately thought of using WhatsApp due to it’s nearly universal adoption. After hunting for the perfect solution, they landed at Sparkcentral.

After two years of partnering up together, we sat down with Lee Hasson, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer at Aprende Institute to ask him about the road towards the successful contact center operation they are today. 

Engagement is a two-way street 

At Aprende Institute, people are everything. Engaging in conversations is key, that’s why developing a messaging strategy was on the top of their list a couple years back. Aside from their webchat, they immediately thought of WhatsApp because of their target audience. 

“Using WhatsApp for digital engagement was a no brainer. Sparkcentral knew exactly what we needed and believed in WhatsApp just like we did. That’s what made it work.”

Lee Hasson, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer
at Aprende Institute

After looking for a solution, they immediately liked Sparkcentral because it enables so much more than just WhatsApp. “We could launch our favorite messaging apps all at once: WhatsApp, social media and web chat. Sparkcentral is definitely an all-in-one solution and that’s exactly the reason why we teamed up with them.” 


Limitless possibilities 

In the past, they mostly used voice in their contact center operation. “But we’ve noticed that people don’t always like to call anymore.” The fact that voice was also quite expensive made them switch to messaging. Not only is messaging far more cost-effective, it also creates limitless possibilities to interact.

“We use messaging not only to answer questions or comments, but also proactively throughout the journey of our students. For example to welcome them on the platform, or say congratulations when finishing a course.”

Especially the use of HSMs (highly structured messages) in WhatsApp are an added value to their strategy. It’s the perfect way to send proactive notifications to connect or re-engage customers in existing conversations.

Working Apart, Together

Like for many companies and brands, 2020 was a challenging year. Aprende’s contact center operation had to work from home and from different locations. “But the one thing we did not need to worry about was Sparkcentral, it just worked wherever we were.”

And if we talk numbers, Aprende definitely boomed: up to 60 agents using the platform on a daily basis and with volumes increasing from 10 000 unique monthly contacts last year up to almost 30 000 monthly contacts today.

Lee and his team did a great job building a future-proof contact center operation. And at Aprende, learning via Sparkcentral is a company-wide solution.

“What may surprise you is that Sparkcentral supports every area of our school: professors-student interactions, billing, acquisition, support… it’s one solution for all, enabling digital learning in a scalable way.”

And just like any conversation, a great partnership is a two-way street. That’s why we’re definitely proud to be part of Aprende Institute’s team and their exceptional results.