AXA Belgium WhatsApps its customers

AXA Belgium, the country’s largest general insurance company, is also the first in Belgium to offer the possibility of communicating via WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. AXA is doing this in response to demand from its customers, who have indicated they want to communicate in this way.

Customers have been able to use the popular messaging service for help when buying a new car insurance or home insurance policy online since the test phase started. No fewer than 80,000 people visited the AXA website to calculate a price for their car or home insurance in the first ten months of this year. They often then decide to buy a policy, in which case they’re invited to select a broker to manage the contract.

For the past few months, AXA’s assistance provider, AXA Partners, has also been offering its customers the option of communicating via WhatsApp if they’re involved in a car accident or suffer a breakdown, whether they’re in Belgium or abroad. AXA customers can also follow up requests for assistance at home via WhatsApp. And the service has been a great success.

WhatsApping customer = satisfied customer

Over 8,000 messages have been sent since this service was launched. The majority of requests (60%) are about replacement vehicles, with 20% wanting to know about overnight stays or repatriation, and 10% concerning vehicle repairs. The fact that AXA is able to advise the customer even faster than before has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Almost 75% of the WhatsApping customers give a top recommendation score of 9 or 10 out of 10 for their overall experience. The added value of WhatsApp has also pushed up the satisfaction score for the call centre to 4.5 out of 5!

Even closer to the customer

“The continuous analysis of customer requirements shows that people attach great importance to simplicity, comfort and ease of use. A messaging feature was the logical next step alongside existing communication channels in our Customer Journey. This became apparent from explicit demand from our customers.”

Jef Van In, CEO AXA Belgium 

First insurance company and assistance provider 

AXA is the first insurance company and assistance provider in Belgium to make optimal use of WhatsApp’s possibilities for its customers. It’s implemented this solution in collaboration with Sparkcentral, a Belgian/American technology scale-up which specialises in digital customer service software for contact centres. 

“We’re very happy with the great results we’ve achieved together with AXA and AXA Partners in the WhatsApp pilot phase over the past nine months. It enhances our “mobile first” vision in which companies need digital channels to communicate efficiently with customers in a digital world. An added bonus is that customers really appreciate this innovation, which results in improved NPS scores and so ultimately also in greater loyalty. Together with AXA and AXA Partners, we’re looking forward to expanding the use of WhatsApp further to a fully-fledged and important channel in their Insurance Customer Journey.”

Christoph Neut, VP EMEA Sparkcentral

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