Odette Lunettes & Sparkcentral are building a booming online shopping experience during COVID19

In March, all non-essential stores in Belgium suddenly closed. A new era was dawning for online stores, as they saw their numbers booming. Unexpected and for some of them unprepared: lots of orders, but also lots of online questions.

That’s also what happened at Odette Lunettes, the Belgian eyewear brand founded by TV celebrity Eline De Munck and TV director Bob Geraets. During this rush to answer questions, they were able to rely on Sparkcentral: a unique, Belgian platform that turned this pandemic into an opportunity.

Social media and digital customer relations have always been crucial in Odette Lunettes’ marketing approach. But during this pandemic, they also had to reinvent themselves: “Buying glasses online is not that easy”, according to Eline, and that’s also exactly why they joined forces with the Belgian software platform Sparkcentral a while ago. At Sparkcentral, making personal and digital connections with customers has been key for years.

Their shared visions about customer experience immediately matched. And in addition to various social media channels, Sparkcentral also added WhatsApp as a channel for Odette Lunettes, making conversing with customers completely effortless. And during the COVID-19 lockdown, it was proven that their approach definitely worked.

“Customers will always choose the path that involves the least amount of effort. And the better and more effortless the experience becomes, the more we‘ll continue to shop online.”

Christoph Neut – CEO at Sparkcentral

With Sparkcentral’s platform, Odette Lunettes can communicate with (potential) clients at any time. whether it’s a comment from Facebook Ad or a medical question about an eye test on our website. Every single message addressed to us comes in and we never miss an opportunity to interact on a personal level. It also comes in handy in our logistics process. It allows us to communicate via WhatsApp about our order and delivery process. 

“I advise brands to think about the different digital touchpoints they have. By improving every digital connection with your customer, you’ll provide excellent customer service.”

Eline De Munck – CEO at Odette Lunettes

Each phase of the customer journey has key moments that are important for delivering excellent customer experience.  From the first moment a customer sees a marketing campaign to the point where they reach out for customer support. And that’s what makes Odette Lunettes true pioneers in Belgium in the field of customer service. 

About Odette Lunettes 

Odette Lunettes is a Belgian eyewear brand from Antwerp, founded in 2015 by TV celebrity and social media influencer Eline De Munck and TV director Bob Geraets. Eline could not find glasses she liked and wanted to help people with similar problems by creating her own style of glasses.

About Sparkcentral

Sparkcentral is a Belgian/American technology company headquartered at the Corda Campus in Hasselt. Sparkcentral provides companies with a SaaS platform to respond to customer queries via social media and mobile channels. With customers such as Zappos, Nordstrom, Cybex, Noon, Engie, Axa, Argenta Bank, Emirates Airlines, Uber/Careem, Slack, Discord, etc., they improve customer experiences all over the world

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