The ultimate key to customer centricity is centralization. That’s exactly what Sparkcentral does for us.

Careem – one of the most innovative transportation companies in the world – came knocking on Sparkcentral’s door in 2016. With their worldwide contact center operation, lots of different departments and even more platforms and channels to manage, they were in desperate need of a trustworthy platform and overall centralization. 

Four years later, Careems’ contact center is better than ever. Not only did they manage to make a well-oiled machine of their contact operation, they also recently received a customer centricity award for their own chatbot project. A good reason to sit down and talk with Mohannad Baig, Head of Social Media and Community Management and Fatima Zehra, Chatbot Developer at Careem to discover their success story.

Working Global, Together

The first and biggest challenge for Careem was definitely to unify their operations structure. Team members are almost never working in the same location and some of them are not even in the same time zone.

“Our team is spread out over different countries. All our teams are abroad. Sparkcentral helps us to unify our customer service processes.”

Mohannad Baig  – Head of Social Media and Community Management at Careem

With Sparkcentral’s platform, they managed to create an easy workflow that was available everywhere and the same for every single one of their team members. They noticed that even though they do not physically work together, they now found a perfect process, so that it feels like they actually do. 

Not only team members are now more centralized because of Sparkcentral. Also their customers can now be serviced easily through one platform. The ‘tag’ feature is especially essential for Careems team. Only a few people see all incoming messages. For the rest of the department, only messages they need to focus on are visible. And that makes them far more efficient. “It feels like we’re finally on top of things.”, is how Mohannad describes it.

Creating company wide solutions

Sparkcentral was initially meant to be a tool for customer care, but according to Fatima, it became so much more. “It’s definitely interesting how Sparkcentral helps us with Quality Assurance: we can easily share information globally and learn across teams.” 

Sparkcentral’s reports became an important part of Careem’s organization and a good way to spot issues or rising questions from customers early on. 

On a monthly basis different departments depend on Sparkcentral’s information to retrieve valuable insights for their operations. Information, numbers and sentiments from reports are spread company wide. Solutions are created and decisions are made because of it. 

Bots & Automation 

For Careem, automation has always been key moving forward. That’s why last year, they developed their own chatbot and integrated it within Sparkcentral’s platform. A perfect automation flow to handle first and repetitive tasks and questions and with a seamless human handover when needed. 

“Sparkcentral’s handover capability helps us to create the perfect blend between daily repetitive tasks being handled by a bot and still keep up with our customer experience and tone of voice. Simply by having human agents only handling conversations where there’s a clear added value for them.” 

Fatima Zehra- Chatbot Developer at Careem



Their journey with Sparkcentral has been an amazing path towards growth. Starting with 1 bot in 1 market to 6 different bots active in different markets and available in multiple languages today. With adding automation to their workflow, they became a more lean and efficient department, without losing touch with their customers.

It’s undeniable that Careem’s Social Media and Community Management team is doing a fantastic job! No wonder they took home two prices after the CHSA Awards: Best Customer Happiness Center and Best Implementation of VI, VA & Chatbot.

That’s what happens when two companies with shared visions work together to achieve excellent customer experience: making life simpler and effortless.