How an in-app chat improved Argenta’s customer experience

In the last decade, the banking industry had to reinvent themselves continuously. Moving from traditional banking to digital banking and mobile banking. But what is the next move when it comes to customer experience in banking? For Argenta, a well-known Belgium bank, a personal approach and connection with their customers has always been key.

Companies need to be where their customers are

Smartphones are definitely Argenta customers’ favorite device, and not only for mobile banking. They also love to message when it comes to customer support. As a result, customer satisfaction increases up to two or even three times higher when using messaging channels instead of traditional customer support. According to Colin Gray, Director of Customer Service, “messaging for support is easy, fast and intuitive. Definitely a big leap forward in their customer experience strategy.”

“Our customers were already messaging with friends and family all the time. It’s easy & intuitive to use. Because of Sparkcentral, we are now able to communicate with our clients in the same way they talk to friends and family, and that’s highly appreciated. Working with Sparkcentral enables us to focus on what matters: the connection with our customers”

Colin Gray, Director Customer Service at Argenta

Effortless in-app messaging

Messaging works! And that’s why Argenta also developed an in-app messaging channel. Clients can now easily talk to an expert or reach out whenever they need assistance. Especially in terms of authentication, the in-app channel is proven to be the most effortless channel. Clients are already logged in (and agents can do a lookup of their user ID in their CRM), which makes it easy for agents to validate the identity of the user immediately. The perfect way for both agents and customers to solve problems and questions even faster.

Expand messaging company wide

Not only customers are happy with messaging, so are employees! That’s why Argenta is now running a pilot to use messaging on their intranet as well. Bank offices in different locations can now send messages to their central help desk asking about inquiries they’ve got from customers in their local office. And while the project is still in a test phase, the first reactions of employees involved were definitely promising!