What if language wasn’t an obstacle for messaging in customer support?

We know that language has always been a challenge for customer service. Support through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter – or any messaging channel – should be effortless, personalized and efficient. But when you’re not communicating in your customers native language, is it really? Being able to speak to someone in your own language establishes trust, which is important at all stages of your customer journey. 

Thanks to automated language recognition, creating a multilingual environment in your operation seems no longer an impossible mission. Make your conversations in messaging even more effortless. Here’s how!

What is ‘automated language recognition’?

Automated language recognition is an intuitive system which determines the language of your customers when they start conversing with your brand. The messages of your customer will be processed by a language engine. If there’s enough content in your customers’ first message, the language can be determined immediately. If not, the engine will try again (through the next messages) until it succeeds or until an agent sets the language manually.  

7 reasons to start with automated language recognition

Improve chatbots and automatic replies  

Virtual assistants and automated language detection are a perfect combo in a multilingual environment. Once the language is detected, you’ll be able to set-up different automation flows for each type of language. Let autoresponders or chatbots take over the first introduction before routing them to the language-skilled team or let them handle a full conversation – all in your customers preferred language!

Route conversations to the right team

It’s the same for all industries: if your customer service doesn’t speak your native language, you can expect to face some serious customer dissatisfaction. With the use of language detection, you can now automatically route the conversation in a certain language to your support team with specific language skills. 

Perfect partner in social and messaging channels 

With language recognition in place, conversations are possible on any social or messaging channel (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, …) and in any language. Customers can simply reach out in their preferred language and channel and they will automatically be routed to the right support team. 

For example: If a customer from a global brand reaches out on WhatsApp, language recognition makes sure it’s routed to the right language group, without having to set-up different WhatsApp numbers for different languages. 

Boost your sales  

Did you know that chances of buying a product or a service increases when someone is talking to you in your native language? In fact, people strongly prefer to buy only when support is available in their preferred language. It’s clear that solving these language barriers is a crucial step for businesses who want to succeed across borders. 

Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) 

Imagine what it can do for your customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate. By talking to your customers in their own native language, you can increase satisfaction up to 72% according to a survey from the International Customer Management Institute. It creates room for loyalty and trust: customers know that there will be someone to understand them and their needs. 

Use insights about languages company-wide

Imagine what you can do with valuable insights about languages in your company. Find out where the majority of your (international) customers are and focus on expansion and training in these languages. Not only to optimise your multilingual contact center operation, but also for making company-wide decisions about new markets and needs. 

Store customers’ languages in your CRM 

Data is the new gold, right? After your customers’ language is detected, you’ll be able to store this valuable piece of information about your customers in your CRM. The next time your sales, marketing or support team needs to reach out, they’ll immediately know in what language to do so! 

It’s clear that exceptional customer service includes multilingual support. Inspired to learn more about using languages in social and messaging channels? Learn here how to set-up language detection in Sparkcentral or get in touch with one of our messaging experts for a demo of our platform. 

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