Customer Success Stories

What success with Sparkcentral looks like!

Success Stories

What success with Sparkcentral looks like

Technology should enable human connections, but never replace them!

citizenM does probably not need an introduction. They are ‘never not innovating’. And recently they’ve extended their Sparkcentral platform with several chatbot projects.

The ultimate key to customer centricity is centralization. That’s exactly what Sparkcentral does for us.

Careem – one of the most innovative transportation companies in the world – came knocking on Sparkcentral’s door in 2016.

Enabling a unified and engaged way of learning through WhatsApp


Aprende Institute’s biggest challenge was to make digital conversations personal. And they immediately thought of using WhatsApp due to it’s nearly universal adoption. After hunting for the perfect solution, they landed at Sparkcentral.

Building a booming online shopping experience during COVID-19

In March, all non-essential stores in Belgium suddenly closed. A new era was dawning for online stores, as they saw their numbers booming.

How an in-app chat improved Argenta’s customer experience

In the last decade, the banking industry had to reinvent themselves continuously. Moving from traditional banking to digital banking and mobile banking.

Trusted by clients

Trusted by clients